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Questrust Properties

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At the beginning of the industrial revolution there were huge amounts of natural resources. We where not sophisticated enough to measure the impact our deeds had on the natural environment.

Today natural resources are less plentiful and years of irresponsible building have had a great impact on the Earth, the cost of raw materials and building operations.

Questrust is at the forefront of Eco-friendly design and construction, both domestically and abroad. We deliver the highest standard of construction while being environmentally conscious within our own practices and beliefs as well as our means/methods/materials we use in our projects.

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Iastra Broadcasting helps create new opportunities for businesses as well as emerging artists, producers, directors, writers, entertainers including Production Companies.

Our model is as simple as it is unique. First, we work with broadcasters and content owners to bring our subscribers original programming (movies, shows, music, live events etc.). Then, we offer businesses high-quality advertising On Air, Online and On Demand and we are proud to say that we can now offer “in movie / TV” show product placement in our own original productions. Finally, we use the product and advertising dollars we earn to fund creative projects and pay royalties to content owners. This perfect circle of networking is what powers Iastra Broadcasting and you.

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