MagLev Wind Tourbine

Questrust Is Involved In Renewable Energy

The company will position itself to compete as a global leader of wind power production and wind turbine manufacturing. The Objective Questrust to build manufacturing facilities to engineer, test, and assemble 10MW -100 MW class magnetic levitation wind powered turbines.

The company has plans to also developed larger versions of the wind turbine in the 500 MW and 2,000MW class. Permits, and building plans are nearly finalized, and the prototype is being tested, and prepared for commercial production. Our Plan will facilitate Questrust to build and distribute the world's first operational grid ready vertical axis magnetic levitation wind powered turbines.

These turbines provide near frictionless power generation and are being developed for sale to municipalities, corporations, and households. The design allows maximum wind capture and has an operational life of up to 100 years.

Questrust turbines will produce the same amount of power as current wind farms but at 1/5t of the cost and using 1/100t of the land.

These features coupled with Questrust's core values of a strong sense of market direction, environmental sensitivity, and premium technology and quality has already placed the company firmly in the forefront of wind powered turbine technology. The depletion of natural resources, growing world population, and concern for our environment has added to this opportunity, creating the need for more efficient, cleaner, and cheaper sources of energy.

Power is a necessity. However, environmental impact, and the cost to our household budgets must be taken into consideration. Through the production of Questrust turbines, power can be provided and generated more economically, efficiently and responsibly. Loan/Investment Rationale Questrust has buyers that need to see that Questrust is production ready.

To achieve that end, the startup capital will be allocated for the construction of manufacturing facility and construction of the first turbine for sale in the Panama area.

The property has already been identified for acquisition. The property is strategically located in former military facilities and will have tax advantaged status in an Tax Free Trade Zone. The property has many of the essential infrastructure needs already in place, but will need to be modified or additionally built-out to accommodate production and operations.

Management is currently undertaking steps to assure the acquisition and development of the property will take place in an expeditious and cost effective manner.

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