Alexander Thorn

Founder, Honorable Chairman of the Board & CEO: Mr.Thorn is the visionary and driving force behind Questrust Ventures He has more than 30 years of experience in Domestic and International Financial Markets where he has gained knowledge and experience in International Banking, Securities Exchange, Corporate Structure, Corporate Financing and Corporate Development. Mr. Thorn has aided in the going public process of entities such as Aims Biotech the first ever reliable AIDS Test (VSE, TSE), IAS Communications (IASCA, OTCBB), In House Video (VSE), Fuji-Electrocell (VSE), Geo-Tech Capital Corporation (VSE, TSE), Ultraglow Cosmetics (VSE), Envipco Canada (VSE, AMEX), orchestrated a successful reverse take over on Toronto Stock Exchange Listed National Petroleum (NPT). Mr. Thorn was also instrumental in arranging the private placement of securities for (NASDAQ).

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