Alexander Thorn

Majority Shareholder & Honorary Chairman of the Board.

Through the acquisition of Iastra Broadcasting Alexander Thorn is now the Majority Shareholder of Questrust. We feel very good about this as Alexander has over 30 years of experience in Finance and Corporate Development.

Finance & Software Development Experience

Having taken many companies public in the past and being a Pioneer in the Software Development Business gives Questrust a powerful ally in the deployment of the Iastra Broadcasting Platform as well as future Technology that Questrust develops in the future which looks very good for Questrust.

Mr.Thorn is the visionary and driving force behind Questrust Ventures He has more than 30 years of experience in Domestic and International Financial Markets where he has gained knowledge and experience in International Banking, Securities Exchange, Corporate Structure, Corporate Financing and Corporate Development. Mr. Thorn has aided in the going public process of entities such as Aims Biotech the first ever reliable AIDS Test (VSE, TSE), IAS Communications (IASCA, OTCBB), In House Video (VSE), Fuji-Electrocell (VSE), Geo-Tech Capital Corporation (VSE, TSE), Ultraglow Cosmetics (VSE), Envipco Canada (VSE, AMEX), orchestrated a successful reverse take over on Toronto Stock Exchange Listed National Petroleum (NPT). Mr. Thorn was also instrumental in arranging the private placement of securities for (NASDAQ).

To View Alex Thorn's entire CV just Visit his LinkedIn Profile located here:
Complete Business Profile


Finance, Economics, Corporate Structure, Interactive Content Development, Stocks, Bonds, Bikes, Boats, Cars, Sports, Technology, Classics, Art, Food, Music, Theater, Culture, Travel, Quantum Mechanics, Social Engineering, philosophy, Games and Theory, Making Deals, Interesting High Thinking People but most of all a Good Adventure!!!!


Alex has been involved in the private equity industry for more than 25 years, is a North American Equities Specialist and operates his own Digital Media Network he also has several other very exciting projects he is currently involved in including but not limited to "Clean Energy", "Financial Management" and "Digital Content Creation and Deployment" as well as Technology Licensing and finance.

Honors & Awards

--Continental Who's Who, 2009
--Who's Who in American Business, 2001
--JR Olympics Roman Greco Freestyle Wrestling Silver Medalist, 1982
--Alberta Provincial Roman Greco Feestyle Wrestling Gold Medalist, 1982

Activities and Societies:

While I was in School from a very young age I raced Motorcycles, I started at 10 years old racing Motocross all over Alberta. At the age of 17, once i had a Drivers License I moved up to race Formula 1 Motorcycles riding for Suzuki in both F1 Classes; 750 Production & 750 Superbike. Which also explains all the countless negative entries on my driving record hahaha........Driving Very Fast is what I did for a living!!!

At that time our Motorcycles where our reason for living, much like other kids. We where also into skateboards, skateboarding all over town.....yes it speaks to how old I am and the activities we did back before video games.

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