Questrust Gives Journalists Sponsorship Packages

For Immediate Release May 07, 2017

Iastra Broadcasting Gives Journalist
Free Dedicated Live Stream Accounts and Sponsorship Packages


Iastra Broadcasting is pleased to Announce we are now Sponsoring all Journalists around the world with complete Sponsorship Packages and free "DEDICATED LIVE STREAM BROADCASTING ACCOUNTS" regardless of region or language.

Iastra Broadcasting has a Global Broadcasting server infrastructure which can offer an unlimited number of "Live Stream Accounts"

If you are a Journalist, established or not, you can be an aspiring Journalist, Journalism Student or you can already be a full on News Network.

*******************Iastra will Sponsor Your News Program***************

Your news program will be featured on the Iastra Broadcasting network websites: , , and over 30 other websites giving you the maximum exposure to a global audience with a maximum reach of 3.4 billion connected people around the world.

Iastra really is the Biggest in the World.

Your news show can cover any kind of news be it Political News, Financial news, Sports News, Event News, Entertainment News, Travel News, Food News, Restaurant News, Interviews, Product News, Movie News, Celebrity News literally any kind of news in any language from any region.

To get your Iastra Broadcasting Sponsorship Package and Dedicated Live Stream and News Channel simply complete the form on this page:


A Dedicated Live Stream Account is very very different from say a facebook live stream which is a new player on a new page each time making it impossible to build up a following, with a Iastra Dedicated Live Stream Account the Iastra Servers now on 5 continents will be listening for your encoder to go live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and they never sleep, you will never have to set up a new stream or new broadcast page with your player embedded in it giving your viewers and fans one page, day in and day out to see your broadcasts making it easy to build up your following and viewers to that of mainstream media and whats best is people from anywhere in the world will be able to watch your channel just by navigating to it. it will always be the same page.

You can broadcast with your Cell Phone or Tablets, laptop, webcam, handicam or literally any kind of device that connects to the internet and records video without limitations and the Iastra Encoders are free and for mobile can be installed from ITunes or Google PlayStore.

Iastra makes it easy by Sponsoring your News Show. We will Sponsor you no questions asked and you can report on any news you want without limitation, Iastra will never tell you what you can report or what you cannot report you have total and unequivocal freedom to broadcast any news you want globally. Its your Show and its your call, Iastra will be your broadcasting partner and will sponsor your show. You can be as Controversial as you like

That is the Iastra Broadcasting promise to you.!!!

Contact us now and lets make News Real again.

Iastra Broadcasting......The Most Live....The Most Real!!

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