Questrust Announces Equity Round of $10 Million

For Immediate Release: April 20, 2017

 “Questrust Ventures, Inc. is now offering Accredited Investors an Investment Opportunity – Equity Round – Raising $10M


Questrust Ventures, Inc. and I am proud to announce today that we are starting our 1st round of venture funding following the recent acquisition of the Iastra Broadcasting Platform from Iastra Developments S.A. for 85,000,000 Shares of Questrust Ventures Inc Fully diluted. The value of the Iastra Acquisition is $3,000,000,000 USD.

Iastra is a Global Media Content Delivery Platform offering everything from movies on demand, music and video streaming, streaming of live events, live news from every corner of the world, in addition to other lines of business all presently for free to its members.

Iastra Broadcasting – group of companies includes a number of online venues that make up an entire entertainment platform that allows its members to do just about anything technologically possible on the internet.

Broadcasting / Streaming Live Content

Project Funding

Corporate Info / Customer Service


In addition, we have other web pages up that have banner space and receiving good traffic.

Iastra Digital Entertainment Association (IDEA)


We are working with partners around the world and signing agreements to license our technology and offerings in their respective countries, but also to host and broadcast their live events and local news happenings.

Iastra also offers its members the ability to upload all sorts of content AND earn income from it. Our platforms aim to provide the benchmark for content-sharing, broadcasting and streaming live over the internet.

As we gain market share, our member following increases and we continue to monetize opportunities, we plan to increase staff in several sectors, so we can expand and grow our business and realize Iastra’s global broadcasting and streaming vision.

Questrust Ventures Inc. is offering a minimum of 1,000,000 shares at $10 per share to raise $10,000,000.

For those institutions or individuals who are ready to invest, I will provide you with our confidential Business Plan and Executive Summary.

Those who are interested to invest in this exciting opportunity and would like more information, please contact Questrust

Questrust Ventures Inc.
Iastra Broadcasting
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