Questrust Acquires Iastra Arts & Entertainment Social Network

For Immediate Release May 10, 2017

Questrust is pleased to announce the Acquisition of the Iastra Arts and Entertainment Social Network.

The Iastra Social Network is a community software application that does everything facebook, linkedin, snapchat, twitter does and a whole lot more.

This puts Iastra in the huge Global Social Network Space and instantly gives Iastra the same value as the above mentioned social networks, however Iastra Arts and Entertainment Community does more, has more utility, offers members far greater functions and by all peoples opinions looks much nice to the eye.

Iastra Arts & Entertainment Community

Join Now, the Iastra Arts and Entertainment community is a Social Network geared to the Arts and Entertainment Community, we feature movies, TV shows, Bands, Artists, and the people who love the Arts and Entertainment. Its a chance to meet and mingle with other like minded people such as directors, producers, and the celebrities themselves, who knows maybe you’ll land a role in the next big movie!!!

You can upload photos, videos, create your profile, create groups, create events, post topics, start a crowd funding project, create company and showcase pages for your business and make friends with other members, chat, post stories and promote your projects in an open Social Network.

Join the Iastra Arts and Entertainment community Now, Create Your profile and Create your Own Celebrity

For More information Please contact us directly:

Questrust Ventures Inc.
Iastra Broadcasting
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Iastra Leader:…..we-love

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