Matthew Tringali Has Been Terminated For Cause within 30 days

For immediate release 05-01-2017

Matthew Tringali has been terminated for cause, he was hired and within 30 day it was necessary to terminate him for egregious reasons as follows:

1.Wide dissemination of news releases without authorization
2. yelling at investors of the company.
3. threatening physical violence against the company chairman, threatening to “kick the chairman head in”
4. spreading falsehoods of our company.
5. interfering in relationships the company has with underwriters, financiers and investors.
6. he still to this day refuses to remove our name from his social profiles.

Our association with Matthew Tringali was less than 30 days and he was terminated for cause, we think he has some kind of medical issues but is not fit to work in a corporate environment.

We have been forced to make a criminal complaint to ic3 in regards to his actions but we must alert the public that Matthew tringali is not associated with Questrust Ventures.

For more information you may contact us:

Questrust Ventures Inc.
Iastra Broadcasting
skype name:

Iastra Leader

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