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Questrust Subsidiaries

Questrust Acquires Iastra Broadcasting Network

For Immediate Release April 25, 2017 Questrust Is Pleased To Announce as of March 07, 2017 The Acquisition of Iastra Broadcasting is now completed Questrust on March 07, 2017 announce the Acquisition of Iastra Broadcasting in a transaction valued at $3 Billion. Over the years Alexander Thorn has been working away in secret under contract from…

Questrust Acquires CrossCountry

For Immediate Release May 10,2017 Questrust is please to announce the acquisition of a site where people and companies can create their profiles and post their news and join the promotional community aimed at the urban scene.

Questrust Acquires

For Immediate Release May 10, 2017 Questrust Announced the acquisition of as part of the acquisition of the Iastra Broadcasitng Network complete on May 10,2017. Directors Reel is a internet destination giving Producers and Directors the tools they need to develop high qualify feature films, TV shows and video content of all kinds to…